uNyazi offers integrated solutions to support all phases on maintenance, construction and shutdown projects. With many years of industry experience, we provide turnkey solutions with the ability to plan, mobilise and complete contracts within budget and minimum downtime.  

Industrial Cleaning
Hot and Cold Insulation
Tank Cleaning
UHP Water Jetting
Abrasive Grit Blasting
Corrosion Protection and Industrial Painting
Asbestos Removal
Concrete Rehabilitation
Chemical Cleaning
Rope Access
Bolt Torquing and Tensioning

uNyazi provides high quality surface preparation and coatings for any structural steel, equipment, tanks, etc. The major constraint with painting projects is the ability to access high structures. uNyazi vast experience in gaining access and worki

Rope Access is a type of suspended access system. The main differences between rope access and other types of suspended access is that in rope access: A harness is incorporated as the primary means of attachment to the person The person is suspen

Asbestos has been banned from use in most countries, including South Africa as the health hazards are widely known and documented. ​uNyazi offers asbestos removal services such as the removal of existing asbestos within buildings, tanks, ve

Fire protection is critical to ensure structural integrity and and facility insurance. uNyazi are leaders in the application of industrial and commercial fire protective systems.

uNyazi offers safety orientated solutions for large scale concrete finishing and rehabilitation projects while adhering to construction regulations. We are experienced in the following: Cutting and removing or protruding rebar sections Drillin

uNyazi is capable of providing experienced industrial and painting crews to factories, offices, production plants, water plants, effluent plants and waste sites to effect composite pipe line repair, pickle & passivating, industrial painting,

UNyazi can provide hot or cold, acoustic and cryogenic insulation services as per client specification. These services are mostly industrial applications on tanks, vessels, pipelines etc.

Abrasive Blasting is a very well-known and effective means for surface preparation. It is used of remove mill scale, rust, old coatings and impurities from surfaces and to prepare the surfaces for any protective coatings if required. Effective a

uNyazi brings many years of experience managing the corrosion protection, repairs and inspection of above ground storage tanks also known as Tankage Projects and structures. uNyazi management team has vast experience in tank maintenance projects that

For the life expansion of any silo, these structures requires regular maintenance and cleaning. uNyazi has vast experience in effectvely cleaning and repairing concrete, stainless steel and steel silos.

uNyazi offers is capable to provide a range of waterproofing solutions to leaking roofs, joints and other structures.

Unyazi provide a total solution for critical joint applications, we supply fully qualified teams that is fully equiped for flange assembly, to remove , replace and torque bolts.